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Take it from the Man!, The Brian Jonestown Massacre

Bomp! Records, May 28, 1996

Track Listing: 1. Vacuum Boots, 2. Who?, 3. Oh Lord, 4. Caress, 5. (David Bowie I Love You) Since I Was Six, 6. Straight up and Down, 7. Monster, 8 Take It from the Man, 9. B.S.A, 10. Mary Please, 11. Monkey Puzzle, 12. Fucker, 13. Dawn, 14. Cabin Fever, 15. In My Life, 16. The Be Song, 17. My Man Syd, 18. Straight up and Down [Long Version]

Hey, Mr. Tambourine man, play a song for me.

What the … where am I? Am I dreaming? The morning never came this quick before. Will someone please tell me what the hell happened here? Did someone slip me a little something while I was … while I was … what was I doing?

How is this even possible? How do you take on the Stones and come out smelling so fresh?

I guess Anton Newcombe really is mad, or at least mad enough to try but I’ll be damned if he doesn’t pull it off. The Brian Jonestown Massacre kill this sound, matching the grooviness of a bygone era one psychedelic strum and tambourine jingle-jangle at a time. But it’s pretty clear they aren’t interested in mere idol worship. Hell no, what would be the fun in that? Sure, they they are clearly influenced by the Brian Jones aesthetic that blends together a cornucopia of folk instruments into a wonderfully trippy mix, but make no mistake, this is no mere cover band. Anton and his merry misfits bridge a three-decade wide gap to deliver a sound that is exciting and new. You be the judge on whether they have succeeded.

Hell with it. I'll be the judge and the damned jury. I will change my name to The Lester Big Bangs Theorist—okay maybe that is weak—but I will provide my own updated version of a great tradition from a bygone era, not only paying homage to the great music journalists of the past but updating the style to also bridge a gap. It will be something more free-form with a heavy dose of creative writing thrown in. I’ll create a library with other theorists where we can publish our own essays in the spirit of the new world order. We’ll even add film and literature too. We’ll talk about our love for the likes of David Bowie, Jonathan Franzen, and Jim Jarmusch. It will be really cool.