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Remedy, Basement Jaxx

XL Records Ltd., May 10, 1999

Track Listing: Rendez-Vu, 2. Yo-Yo, 3. Jump n’ Shout, 4. U Can’t Stop Me, 5. Jaxxalude, 6. Red Alert, 7. Jaxxalude, 8. Always Be There, 9. Sneakalude, 10. Same Old Show, 11. Bingo Bango, 12. Gemilude, 13.Stop 4 Love, 14. Don’t Give Up, 15. Being with U

There’s a party in da hizzy fo’ shizzle. Give it up. Whoop! Whoop!

Crank it up. Shake it up. Bump n’ grind.

“True dem play sweet music fi one and all
Di people dem a beg di super DJ fi more
Because dem love di way wi play di hardcore”

-fromJump n’ Shout

Writhealude into a funk zone. Formalities B gone. A’ight.

Unplug from broodingly serious trackz and emo dreamz. The night to plop yo booty on a sofa locked in solitary confinement with ear buds and tear drops is ov-ah. Beyotch. No more lonely contemplation or moody blues. Up on UR feet. Dance and sweat. Bounce.

“I got you in my heart I got you in my head
Let’s make a Rendez-Vu”


Hip-hop. Reggae. Techno. House. Naa worry ’bout a ting. Mon. Mash it up. Strip down. Word.

Flamenco steps in, too. Olé! Asi se baila.

Influences entwine like sweaty bodies in an undulating orgy. All colors. All shapes and sizes. Come together. F2F. 2NTE.

Be willed. Submit to sensual pleasures. Low down and dirty. Ah … yes. Yes! Oh, yes. Mmm. Love to love U. Baby.

“Bom bom ba ba bah dah ba dah
Being with U, oh yeah”

-fromBeing with U

Dyn-o-mite! These R … good times.

The clock strokes past midnight. Sweeping hands sustain precision movement one graduation 2 the NXT. Minutes marked by dark clefts in stroboscopic bodies. Tick-tock. Wise + counter.

Wee hours don't phase a Cinderelley, who’s hot NUF to pose 4 Pirelli. Speakers # the dance floor, where dbs shatter glass slipperz no more. Hearts thump @ the beat. Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo. Magic.

“On and on, on and on
And the music keeps on playing on and on”

-fromRed Alert

Welcome to the jam. The mix, Player.