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Burned, Electrafixion

Elektra, September 19, 1995

Track Listing: 1.  Feel My Pulse, 2. Sister Pain, 3. Lowdown, 4. Timebomb, 5. Zephyr, 6. Never, 7. Too Far Gone, 8. Mirror Ball, 9. Who's Been Sleeping In My Head, 10. Hit By Something, 11. Bed Of Nails

There was the unopened numbered bottle of 125th anniversary Jack Daniels. I had been saving it for a special occasion. And this occasion wasn’t very special. In fact it was quite ordinary. The four of us were just sitting around my studio at the end of a day. What wasn’t ordinary was the disc I decided to turn everyone on to. It was an album that my friend, Pat had given to me for my birthday. She knew I was an Echo and the Bunnymen fan. But this, Ian McCollough’s new endeavor—Electrafixion, this was what I affectionately call glorious noise, it was loud and hard and it never let up. Of course Mr. Daniels joined the impromptu party before the first track was over.

We were in the midst of a long-term project with an iconic counter culture company. It had taken us over two years to convince them to do something unique that has now, in 2008, become commonplace. When they finally listened, they became the innovators based on my persistence. But it was always like pulling teeth, I was constantly dragging them to where I knew they needed to be.

“Something’s wrong
You don’t want to hear
The things i know
Too far gone
Gone so far
There’s no where left to go

Touch down
There’s no warning
Just my spirit falling”

-fromToo Far Gone

Whenever I had to go into those hostile meetings I used this music as heavy metal armour. I had a chip on my shoulder—I was pissed. I rode the sound to a place that allowed me to politely tell the corporate naysayers that they were less than informed design philistines.

“I’m the dust
Of someone’s ash
See you in hell
With the rest of the trash”


They were so risk adverse that they would never try to do anything great because the chance of failure however miniscule would jeopardize their meal ticket so better to aim for mediocrity instead of the stars. But like the music I would not be ignored. Counter culture indeed.

“Can you shoot the veins
That others only dream about
Can you light the fire
When all my flames are dying out”


Note: Best when consumed loud.