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Sunshine Superman, Donovan

Epic, September 1966

Track Listing: 1. Sunshine Superman, 2. Legend of a Girl Child Linda, 3. Three King Fishers, 4. Ferris Wheel, 5. Bert’s Blues, 6. Season of the Witch, 7. The Trip, 8. Guinevere, 9. The Fat Angel, 10. Celeste

“Take time to tie your pretty hair
The gypsy driver doesn’t care
if you catch your hair
In the ferris wheel”

-fromFerris Wheel

Thoughts about carnivals and cotton candy smiles. It’s the end of summer. Step right up. Time for one more ride.

“Fly Jefferson Airplane
Get you there on time”

-fromThe Fat Angel

Climbing, stomachs churn, approaching the queasy dreamy top. Almost … not quite.

“It’s strange
Sure is strange”

-fromSeason of the Witch

Open your eyes. You have arrived. Top of the world. You are floating in the clouds. With so much to explore here, where do you begin?

“If you follow the sunbeams
Through the valley of flowers”

-fromLegend of a Girl Child Linda

Tie-dyed dreamscapes splash sundresses in waves of flowers and hair and circles of exploding light. Soil and sand tickle the toes of bare feet that are walking into infinity.

“Bright cascading crystals
They dance in the sand dunes
On the beach of no footprints
To harpsichord tunes”

-fromLegend of a Girl Child Linda

A snap of the fingers slays the dragons of runaway minds as bongos chip away at the closing in. Soul nets catch celestial gifts—diamond sunbeams and snippets of Zen and Zimmerman. Jansch.

“Yeah, I’ve been picking up the sunshine
I’ve been drinking down the rain”

-fromBert’s Blues

When the ferris wheel stops, after the ride is over and the carnival has moved on, a thick silty residue of dust floats down from above, settling softly over the vacant lot. It’s the end of summer, the end of an effervescent dream. It seems impossible that everyone was just here. The only evidence of the fantastic ride are a few white sticks that are stuck in the tarry pavement. They are skeletal remains of king-sized kaleidoscope lollipops that colored the tongues and minds of wizards and gypsies who have since vanished with the dawn.