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Axis: Bold As Love, Jimi Hendrix

Warner Bros. Records, December 1, 1967

Track Listing: 1. EXP, 2. Up from the Skies, 3. Spanish Castle Magic, 4. Wait Until Tomorrow, 5. Ain’t No Telling, 6. Little Wing, 7. If 6 Was 9, 8. You Got Me Floating, 9. Castles Made of Sand, 10. She’s So Fine, 11. One Rainy Wish, 12. Little Miss Lover, 13. Bold As Love

“I’d love to tell somebody about this dream
The sky was filled with a thousand stars
While the sun kissed the mountains blue
And eleven moons played across rainbows
Above me and you Gold and rose the color of the velvet walls surround us”

-fromOne Rainy Wish

You awaken, startled and confused. Midnight succumbs to a burst of neon green that explodes through the darkness. As if triggered by an alarm, the clock radio next to the bed sounds suddenly, playing the Billie Holiday version of All of Me except this is certainly no programmed wake-to-music moment. The digital readout shows 1:06 A.M., which coincides with various eyewitness accounts of unidentified flying objects that are reported around that same time.

“As we all know, you just can’t believe
everything you see and hear, can you?”


Deeper. The room is lost as the probe is inserted. Deeper still. You get queasy. The room starts to spin and you feel the strange sensation of your body levitating.

“Well, you’ve got me floatin’ around and ’round”

-fromYou’ve Got Me Floating

You make out what you believe to be the shapes of alien beings.

“I just want to talk to you
I don’t want to do you no harm”

-fromUp from the Skies

At some indefinable point in time, initial confusion and fear subside. Curiosity takes center stage.

“Hang on if you want to go
You know it’s a really groovy place”

-fromSpanish Castle Magic

Calling all gypsies and travelers of the unknown; the hour of abduction is upon us. A flashing red light is a signal that lets on that the spaceship is ready to depart.

“It’s very far away
It takes about a half and a day to get there
If we travel by my uh, dragon-fly”

-fromSpanish Castle Magic

Pan left: a feathered boa—pink and bold as love—shimmers in the glow of a fire that shoots magic sparks up into the night. The ceremony commences.

“It’s all in your mind”

-fromSpanish Castle Magic

A man named Mitch beats sticks cool and swift, whipping up a frenzy that elevates the trance, erasing all time and place. Any question as to whether you will embark upon this trip has long since evaporated. The hunger of need has taken over.

“So where do I purchase my ticket?
I would just like to have a ringside seat
I want to know about the new Mother Earth
I want to hear and see everything”

-fromUp from the Skies

Are you experienced? That there is a hint of something vaguely familiar to these proceedings more than suggests an answer in the affirmative.

“I have lived here before”

-fromUp from the Skies

You travel through a thousand shades of light, an endless stream of colors. It is a fix that stretches beyond the visible miles. The warped sensation of infinity passing is inexplicable and absolute.

“Maybe it’s just a change of planets”

-fromUp from the Skies

Arrival, at last. Welcome to the land of total surrender.

“Take anything you want from me

-fromLittle Wing

Here at the zenith, you realize that nothing in the universe can ever again come close to duplicating the experience.