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Never Mind the Bollocks Here’s the Sex Pistols, Sex Pistols

Virgin Records, October 28, 1977

Track Listing: 1. Holidays In The Sun, 2. Bodies, 3. No Feelings, 4. Liar, 5. Problems, 6. God Save The Queen, 7. Seventeen, 8. Anarchy In The U.K., 9. Sub-Mission, 10. Pretty Vacant, 11. New York, 12. EMI

The album stalks you. If at first it doesn’t kidnap your sense of what is what, chances are it will as the years prevail. Flipping the station in an effort to escape a shitty day or week or month, you’ll suddenly be stabbed by the orneriness of Johnny Rotten or slapped silly by the frantic but methodical Steve Jones. And then you’re plugged in to its secret community of angst and you will feel what it is like to be connected, no longer alone without options. Anything is possible. In a fit of rage, you just might whip the D’Agostino’s cheese and sausage at the front window, just because, envisioning the pizza breaking through the glass and riding shards across Southport and then on to Clark before finally landing to rest at last among the fields of the dead in Graceland Cemetery.

There you are, laughing and dancing naked. New thoughts explode into view. Like the one that screams, take tomorrow off! Take the week off! Take it all off! Tell everyone to fuck off! That these options exist at all seems unfathomable. Options that were never before in the realm of consciousness are now safely tucked away in your invisible holster.