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Marquee Moon, Television

Elektra, 1977

Track Listing: 1. See No Evil, 2. Venus, 3. Friction, 4. Marquee Moon, 5. Elevation, 6. Guiding Light, 7. Prove It, 8. Torn Curtain

Dear General Managers at WXRT,

Blast off! It’s 2008 and I tune into your station because I’m in a part of the galaxy where WLUW doesn’t come in clear enough, I don’t have satellite radio (yet), and I can’t stand most of those AM sports cacklers. But you should know that putting on XRT often means crossing your fingers and hoping to avoid another Police or Talking Heads retread. You may ask yourself, how did I get here? Nothing against the great Talking Heads but I don’t even think they would enjoy how only a few of their greatest hits are played over and over, neglecting the rest of their less traveled and equally great catalog in favor of those best suited to corporate playlists.

Or, maybe you didn’t get the memo, which had some bad news: CBGBs is now closed for good. Even so, it is understood that we cannot let the memories die. We’re all for that. But from that same era, why not give us an equal dose of Television, Ramones, New York Dolls, MC5, or Patti Smith? Or Jerry Harrison’s first band, The Modern Lovers? You can never go wrong with the Sex Pistols. Blast off to the ’80s with the Minutemen, Bad Brains, Meat Puppets, The Fall, and Joy Division, etc. Anything but “And She Was” and “King of Pain” every day. Literally, every day. Every time I turn you on, it always ends the same. I still haven’t found what I’m looking for.

I’m listening to Tom Verlaine and Richard Lloyd. Oh, to have seen them in their prime, live in the center of their universe. I was able to get an echo of it when Television played a rare reunion show in 2001 in Chicago at the Metro. Your station might have even hosted the show, I can’t remember. The irony, huh? What I do know is that for one night, I was an astronaut rocketing to the moon. What an unbelievable sensation. Like CBGBs and all the great bands that played there or were influenced by the mecca of punk, it was unforgettable.

Heck, go ahead and put on “Burning Down the House.” It could be a lot worse. It could definitely be a lot worse.


-G (A Music Fan)

P.S. I still love you. All Cub fans shall remain forever united.