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  Harvey Milk. George Moscone. Dan White. Twinkie Defense. Rocky. Don Vito Corleone. Jaws. Star Wars. Neil Young. Ohio. Nixon. Watergate. Ford. Me Decade. Oil Crisis. Bicentennial. Jimmy Carter. Ayatollah. Hostages. Munich. Woman’s Lib. Nadia. Sweetness. Sugar Ray. Frank Shorter. Gay Rights. John Waters. Divine. Microwaves. Cassette Tapes. Atari. Pong. Pet Rocks. Punk Rock. CBGBs. Deadheads. Graceland. Pink Floyd. Led Zeppelin. Apple II. Studio 54. Night Fever. Cocaine. SNL. Six Million Dollar Man. Charlie’s Angels. Three’s Company. All in the Family. Brady Bunch. Match Game. Carol Burnett. Love Boat. Love Story. Disco Demolition. Leatherface. Michael Myers. Son of Sam. Jim Jones. John Wayne Gacy. Twin Towers. Sears Tower. Flight 191.