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Y Tu Mamá También, Directed by Alfonso Cuarón

Y tu mamá también, 20th Century Fox, June 8, 2001 (Mexico)

Screenplay: Carlos Curón and Alfonso Curón

Starring: Maribel Verdú, Gael García Bernal, and Diego Luna

The eager tentacle of a male in his late teens undulates with spontaneous animation. On its rise, pliant slaps thigh to thigh may deviate from a rigid pitch, yet final designation up and ahead invariably resumes, drawn like a compass needle pulled toward magnetic north. Follow the index pointing the way; paradise calls at journey’s end.

There, real or imagined, waves pound an unfurling coast, and terra firma erodes with the rush of ocean foam. An inflated blue sky floats atop the shimmery aqua sea, as granules of sand doff bare heels too young to coarsen because they have not combed adulthood’s rocky shores. A goddess, who accepted a road trip invitation from two horny lads for reasons understood later on, sheds her clothes and dives into the water. The boys smirk, thank their lucky stars and chase another dream—appendages poised to navigate every salty current.

Fantasies bloat the adventures of guys in the prime of sexual discovery. Even when failing in truth to reach carnal joy, their experiences are prone to boasting and exaggeration. Illusion is a most enviable privilege of youth.

Sun-soaked days trawling delusion, however, end upon coming-of-age. Protective layers of self-deception get washed away, and eventually an inner life awakens. An identity takes shape. A boy becomes a man the instant he assumes control over his direction, rather than blindly submitting to outside forces.

For better or worse (caution is a paralyzing inhibitor), Shangri-la may slip from sight, never to be seen again. Friendships may go limp. Nevertheless, whatever the outcome, memories of a time when anything seemed possible and worries were kept at bay reaffirm the thrill of consciousness.