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The Dead Girl, Directed by Karen Moncrieff

First Look International, November 7, 2006 (US)

Screenplay: Karen Moncrieff

Starring: Toni Collette, Brittany Murphy, and Marcia Gay Harden

There is a perpetual waiting room. It exists. It is crowded too. Loved ones gather together in order to lie to one another in wait. It will be okay. They will find her and she will be okay. Wait. There is nothing else to do.


You went missing. We died together, you and me and each and every one of us, every step. The stranger, the sister, the wife, and of course, the mother.

You: suspended in time. Us: assuming obligatory crash positions, pretending to entertain hopeful possibilities.


Hope. Alive. You and me. Pretend. And in the darkest hours (are some really darker than others?) when you can’t find a way to pretend, you close your eyes and see the things that cannot be.


We were alive and dead in the waiting. Stuck in terror. There is no other horror than waiting. And so we waited. There was nothing else to do.

A phone call came just three days later. Just three days. Some wait a lifetime and never hear anything. In comparison, our lifetime was swift (I guess). I don’t remember. You are my dead girl. Our wait was over. For others, it never ends.


Wait. There is nothing else to do.