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Amygdala, DJ Koze

Pampa, March 25, 2013

Track Listing: 1. Track ID Anyone?, 2. Nices Wölkchen, 3. Royal Asscher Cut, 4. Magical Boy, 5. Das Wort, 6. Homesick, 7. La Duquesa, 8. Marilyn Whirlwind, 9. My Plans, 10. Don’t Lose My Mind, 11. Amygdala, 12. Ich schreib’ dir ein Buch 2013, 13. NooOoo, 14. Auroville, 15. Gimme TBQ

“We need to eat, we need to sleep, and we need music”

-fromTrack ID Anyone?

It took me half a lifetime to realize I like rain. Come again? On a lousy, lazy day, nobody wonders why you are cooped up inside, alone. You can do your own thing, free from the slithering creep of judgment. Read. Write. Listen to music. Listen to raindrops tapping the skylights in syncopation with everything or nothing.

Yes. I like rain. And. Cloudy. Days. Within context, I like the freedom that gloominess grants, including the freedom to be sad. Like how it is when you revisit memories regardless of the potential melancholy triggered when contemplating the big picture and grappling with time’s frenzied pace. It is your choice to look back and you do it. Gladly. The memories are too good, too valuable, no matter the tug.

So it is listening to Amygdala. There is a mountain of sorrow mixed in DJ Koze’s lush landscape of sweet sweet sounds. Some tones even tilt toward the ominous. The headphone symphony plays sonic tricks, inducing you to drift deeper and deeper into unexpected terrain. You may find yourself traversing heartache, contemplating woe, even funking on fear. It’s as if Koze’s music is like the same rain or clouds that empower you to embrace your inner blue, face your fears.

Or, if nothing else and regardless of what emotions are conjured, you might simply discover that you enjoy kicking it to some killer new Koze, and that alone is surely worth the price of admission here.