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Release the Stars, Rufus Wainwright

Geffen, May 15, 2007

Track Listing: 1. Do I Disappoint You, 2. Going to a Town, 3. Tiergarten, 4. Nobody’s Off the Hook, 5. Between My Legs, 6. Rules and Regulations, 7. Not Ready to Love, 8. Slideshow, 9. Tulsa, 10. Leaving For Paris No. 2, 11. Sanssouci, 12. Release the Stars

It’s time to flit and float around town, butterfly. Skip, if you will. Dance in a bright new pair of warm lederhosen (if you must). Cruise in the car with the windows down, down, DOWN! See how the summer breeze mixes with the latest Rufus Wainwright offerings (burning for you, honey!) In no time, you’ll burst out of your snug cocoon (or bunker?) Proud. Prancing. Primped and pruned. You’ll fly straight into summer (be free sweet soul!), the most beautiful butterfly in the garden. Well you ARE, aren’t you?

“Release the stars
Release your love
Release the stars”

-from Release the Stars

I recently read two Rufus Wainwright interviews in Interview magazine and the double scoop really hit the spot. Seems like he’s aging well, swapping drugs for healthy 30s-style living while spoon feeding opera to those that hang in his inner circle. He spent a night with Carrie Fischer and her mom in LA, mentioning that as one of the few positive memories he has of that whorish, tweaked-out, pricked-up town. Call it maturation, wisdom, the weight of love, or maybe higher stakes. The feigned attempts to disguise the ache in one’s heart are nonsense. You try to pass it off as relief. As if. It’s a whole new world, butterfly.

“And when I get there,
I will lose the ring you gave me
And when I get there,
how happy I will then be
So I’m leaving for Paris
Won’t you try to take care of yourself?
Just try to take care of yourself”

-fromLeaving for Paris No. 2

Rufus Wainwright is one of a kind. Who else can pull off the arrangements that adorn Release the Stars? (Who else can pull off lederhosen?) What the record execs must be thinking, signing off on an album that is surely not destined for airplay. Fly free, butterfly. Spread those wings and fly free.

-G and TD