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Type Convention
Library of Inspiration writers The initials of the applicable Library of Inspiration writer
(-G, -TD, -MEG, -PEH, and -RAW) are included as a hyperlink at the bottom of each essay. Click the hyperlink to read a short bio.
essay text

Black text denotes the words of Library of Inspiration writers, copyright protected by the Library of Inspiration.

excerpts and hyperlinks Blue text in essays denotes excerpts, titles, quotations, album track listings, etc. taken from other works and not intended to be portrayed as the words of Library of Inspiration writers.

It is believed that all such excerpts and images shown on this site qualify as Copyright Fair Use.

Other blue text (that changes to gray when hovered over) denotes hyperlinks (e.g., Risky Business).
decade overview text The decade overview text (e.g., 1970s: Harvey Milk. George Moscone. Dan White. Twinkie Defense, etc.) is not intended to represent, in all cases, examples of inspirational individuals or events, but rather to provide a brief snapshot of the decade in an attempt to frame possible influences of the artists whose works are described.
banner photo hyperlink Click the banner photo on the Music, Literature, Film, or Index page to go back to that category’s table of contents page.

Note: Clicking the Music, Literature, Film, Index, or About link that appears at the top left of any page performs the same navigation function as clicking its applicable banner photo.