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Journey Into Inspiration

The Library of Inspiration is a virtual library containing short reflections about music, literature, and film that have provided inspiration to the contributors of the site. The library’s intent is not to offer comprehensive reviews but rather a journey into inspiration, paying tribute in some way to what it was that aroused awakening.

Why a “Library”?

A library is a place you can go to explore and lose yourself. It is quiet. It provides isolation and a sense of peace.

You are welcome here

This is the spirit of the library. You are welcome here. Enjoy your stay.

Quarterly Updates

The library is quarterly.

  • Spring Update - March 1
  • Summer Update - June 1
  • Fall Update - Sepember 1
  • Winter Update - December 1

The Current Edition link (located at the bottom right of every page) provides a list of essays added to the site in that update. The Archives link lists what essays have been added to the library, on an edition-by-edition basis.